Samsung OLED S95C 2023 Review

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Samsung OLED is the latest 2023 model which is latest Tv in Samsung and this is the upgrade version of QLED S95B 2022. If you are thinking to buy Samsung latest version Tv then why you should go with OLED S95C.

Best For Gaming

This is the best Gaming Tv in Samsung because it has Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro and you can play games with 4K 144Hz refresh rate. This is the first 144Hz refresh rate Tv. And this is the first OLED Tv which come with inbuilt Freesync Premium pro and also it comes with GamePass. There are also many Game apps like Xbox, Lona, twitch, utomk etc. You can play the game without any console required. There is also Super Ultra Wide Game view which will enhance your gaming experience, and remember there is 2.0 game bar.

First world 77Inch OLED

Apart from this, there are some amazing features like there is 2nd generation brighter panel and this is the first world 77Inch OLED with Quantum Dot || which means you will get super color purity. You can watch the real color. There are 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels by which you can mesmerizing picture quality across a full range of gorgeous colors. Plus, with pure blacks and it has more than a billion shades of color powered by QD technology, which is quite interesting.

Best Tv for Sports and Streaming

This is the best model if you are looking for watch Sports or Movies or web series etc. There is Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling which mean you can watch Hd Movies, Online streaming like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, or Live sports like tennis, football, Cricket, Wrestling etc with the experience it all transformed into sharp 4K resolution.

Best Audio Ever

And yes there is 2 inbuilt Dolby Atmos speaker which will give you amazing and real sound quality. You don’t need to buy soundbar because it will fill your room with sound and put yourself in the middle of the action with Dolby Atmos built in. You can also listing 3D audio because there is AI Sound tracks. If you wanted to enhance your sound Experience quality then you can buy S series or Q series soundbar with it. Remember there is 4.2.2CH speaker type and you can also connect your device via Bluetooth. There is also double Bluetooth Speaker support which mean you can use 2 different speaker at the same time.

Point to be noted

  1. You can connect One Connect Box with this model
  2. There is 3 USB port and 4 HDMI port.
  3. You can connect your phone to Tv
  4. There is multi view option and you can watch 2 videos at the same time.
  5. Microsoft 365 available in this model.
  6. You ca n connect WIFI router wired by Ethernet LAN
  7. Product size is 67.6 x 38.7 x 0.4″ without Stand and with stand is 67.6 x 41.3 x 11.3.
  8. There is Solar Cell Remote which will come with the Tv.

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