Samsung QN90B vs QN90B vs QN95B vs Qn92A


Samsung QN90B vs QN90B vs QN95B vs Qn92A: The Samsung QN90B QLED and the Samsung QN95B QLED deliver nearly identical performance; the biggest difference between them is their design. The QN95B’s inputs are all housed in an external One Connect box instead of on the back of the TV. It helps deliver a cleaner setup overall, with a single cable going from the One Connect box to the TV, so it’s easier to hide if you’re going for a clean setup with no visible wires. The QN90B doesn’t have this external input box, so your input cables have to be routed to the back of the TV instead.

QN90B and QN92B have almost the same features but there is some difference between them like, QN90B is good for gaming because there are Gaming Hub, Xbox game, FreeSynce Premium Pro etc. On the other hand, QN92B is good for office work because it  has Smart Hub, Video call application, Samsung TV plus etc.

Samsung QN90B, QN90A, and QN95B are all high-end QLED TVs from Samsung with several similarities and differences. The main differences between these models are highlighted below:

  1. Brightness: The QN95B has a higher peak brightness compared to the QN90B and QN90A. This means that the QN95B can display HDR content with more vivid colors and highlights, making it a better choice for bright rooms with lots of ambient light.
  2. Local dimming: The QN95B has more advanced local dimming capabilities compared to the QN90B and QN90A. This means that the QN95B can better control the brightness and contrast of individual areas of the screen, resulting in better contrast and deeper blacks.
  3. Design: The QN90B has a slightly different design compared to the QN90A and QN95B, with a more traditional stand design. The QN90A and QN95B have a sleeker and more modern stand design.
  4. Speakers: The QN95B has better built-in speakers compared to the QN90B and QN90A, with more power and better sound quality.
  5. Price: The QN95B is the most expensive of the three models, followed by the QN90A and QN90B.

Deep Comparision

Samsung QN90B:

Samsung’s flagship QN series includes the QN90B, a 4K UHD television with remarkable clarity and vibrant colors. Let’s examine a few important aspects:

Quantum Dot display technology, which is renowned for producing a wide color gamut and high levels of brightness, is the display technology used in the QN90B. The TV will be able to display a wide variety of HDR content with detailed highlights and deep blacks thanks to the Quantum HDR 32x.

Processor and Performance:

The QN90B, which is equipped with Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 8K, has sophisticated upscaling capabilities that enable it to convert low-resolution video into near-4K or 8K quality. For those who enjoy action and sports movies, the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ is a great option because it lessens motion blur during scenes with high speed action.

Connectivity and Smart Features:

With a wide range of connectivity options, such as multiple HDMI and USB ports, the QN90B guarantees device compatibility. The smart features are powered by Samsung’s Tizen operating system, which has an intuitive interface, a large app store, and access to well-known streaming services.


The QN90B has a thin profile and a nearly bezel-less screen, giving it a sleek and simple appearance. By combining cable connections into a single unit, the One Connect Box makes setup neat and tidy.

Samsung QN85B:

Another noteworthy addition to Samsung’s QLED lineup is the QN85B, which strikes a mix between price and performance. Let’s examine its salient characteristics:

Display Technology:

The QN85B has a Quantum Dot display, which is similar to the QN90B’s and guarantees brilliant colors and high brightness levels. The dynamic range is improved by the Quantum HDR 24x, bringing HDR content to life with breathtaking detail.

Processor and Performance:

The QN85B, which is powered by the Neo Quantum Processor 4K, has remarkable upscaling capabilities, though it falls short of its higher-end counterparts’ 8K upscaling feats. Smooth motion handling is made possible by the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, which enhances the viewing experience.

Connectivity and Smart Features:

The QN85B provides a variety of connectivity options with its multiple HDMI and USB ports. With access to a vast array of applications and streaming services, the Tizen operating system offers a smooth and user-friendly smart TV experience.


With its thin bezels and uncluttered back panel, the QN85B has a svelte and contemporary appearance. It may not have all of the high-end design features seen in models at the higher end, but it still has a chic appearance.

Samsung QN95B:

Moving up the ladder, the QN95B is marketed as a high-end QLED television with the goal of offering a remarkable visual experience. Let’s examine some of its unique qualities:

Display Technology:

The Neo QLED display on the QN95B makes use of mini-LED backlighting. This minimizes blooming and improves contrast by enabling more exact control over local dimming zones. A high degree of HDR performance is ensured by the Quantum HDR 32x, which captures minute details in both bright and dark scenes.

Processor and Performance:

The QN95B offers remarkable image processing and upscaling thanks to its Neo Quantum Processor 4K. By matching sound to on-screen motions, the Object Tracking Sound Pro feature improves audio quality and fosters a more immersive atmosphere.

Connectivity and Smart Features:

The QN95B offers a wide range of connectivity options thanks to its numerous HDMI and USB ports. With its intuitive interface, the Tizen operating system is compatible with a wide range of apps and streaming services.

Design: With an edge-to-edge screen and thin bezels, the QN95B has an elegant Infinity One Design. Users can connect multiple devices without a mess of cables thanks to the clutter-free setup provided by the Slim One Connect Box.

Samsung QN92A:

At the top of Samsung’s QLED lineup, the QN92A offers an unmatched viewing experience by fusing state-of-the-art design and technology. Let’s examine its most notable qualities:

Display Technology:

With its Neo QLED Neo QLED display and Quantum Mini LED technology, the QN92A offers fine-tuned lighting control for improved brightness and contrast. A wide dynamic range is guaranteed by the Quantum HDR 48x, which highlights the minute details in both bright and dark scenes.

Processor and Performance:

The QN92A is a master at upscaling lower-resolution content to near-8K quality thanks to its Neo Quantum Processor 8K. Real-time analysis and optimization of individual frames by the AI-based processing improves the quality of the images.

Connectivity and Smart Features:

The QN92A is compatible with a large variety of devices thanks to its extensive array of HDMI and USB ports. An extensive collection of applications and streaming services are available on the Tizen operating system, which is renowned for its responsiveness and easy-to-use interface.


The QN92A has an almost bezel-less Infinity One Design and a svelte, elegant appearance. Along with its ability to manage cables, the Slim One Connect Box has strong speakers built in, which enhances the immersive audiovisual experience.


Overall, the QN95B is the highest-end model of the three, with better features and capabilities. However, it is also the most expensive. The QN90B and QN90A are more affordable options that still offer excellent picture quality and features. You can also check OLED S95C is you want to buy some powerful gaming TV. Please check Samsung official website for more details.

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